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A . z . i . r .a

The name of Azira creates a friendly, sociable, charming nature, but causes her to be too easily influenced by others. While she find it easy to meet and mix, and can appear agreeable and compromising in conversation, she can become dogmatic and forceful if pressed too far.

Others learn that she cannot be told what to do and she seldom change her mind once it is made up. She prefer situations that allow a degree of independence, but are reluctant to take on a demanding work-load or responsibility.

In a position dealing with the public, she could do well because of her friendly personality, interest in people, and desire to please. When asked, she are able to give others good advice that she would probably not follow herself, but must guard against being too opinionated in controversial matters. 

The physical weaknesses due to this name centre in the fluids of the body and the senses of the head, causing headaches, eye, teeth, or severe sinus conditions; also, kidney or bladder weaknesses.